Child Friendly Pubs Melbourne

Catching up with your friends or enjoying some live sports action doesn’t mean that your kids miss out on a great evening at Zagame’s.

With Kid’s world designed specifically for keeping your kids entertained, it’s no wonder why our Zagame’s restaurants are known to be some of the best child friendly pubs in Melbourne.

While our TAB/Sports Bar features LCD screens covering a range of live sports action such as racing and results for you to enjoy with your mates over a drink, Kid’s World is an interactive and exploratory play area for your kids to have fun.

With many attractions such as climbers, slides, tunnels and interactive games for your kids, they’re guaranteed to have a great time, just as you.

In keeping with our concept of offering a great experience for the entire family, our Zagame’s branches across Melbourne feature child friendly pubs with a play area dedicated just for your kids.

Plus, with special offers such as Tradies Tuesday, enjoying a great night out with your family and mates has never been more convenient and affordable.