Whilst gambling is a social activity enjoyed responsibly by the vast majority of customers, Zagame’s Hotels recognize that problem gambling is a serious social issue and that a small proportion of customers are harmed by their gambling activities.

Zagame’s Hotels maintains that the industry, government, community and individual have a shared responsibility for the promotion, development and practice of responsible gambling.

For our part, we are committed to our staff being trained in responsible gambling practices to encourage customers to engage with their gambling as a social and recreational activity in a supportive environment.

Our Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct outlines our practices that support our commitment to responsible gambling and customer care.

Zagame’s Hotels Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct:

• Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct (English)
• Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct (Arabic)
• Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct (Chinese)
• Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct (Greek)
• Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct (Italian)
• Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct (Spanish)
• Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct (Turkish)
• Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct (Vietnamese)

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